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Nurse anesthetist programs in North America are doing their best to keep up with the demand for nurse anesthetists. With the lack of qualified educators, potential nursing students are being turned away do to the excessive number of students per classroom. This is now leading to many people seeking their educations by the means of humanitarian efforts in other foreign countries. While most of these programs are voluntary, the experience of providing assistance to poverty stricken populations and areas plagued with diseases is a step towards a fulfilling career in nursing.

Many will find such experiences rewarding, as facing the reality of suffering people in other parts of this world riddled in violence, war and conflict. Lending a helping hand will in itself teach them what it is to have compassion. The opportunity to provide services to these poverty stricken regions; while gaining the necessary tools to enable these professionals to compete in the nursing industry.

_Photo: © UNICEF/NYHQ2011-0994/Alimjan Jorobaev Kyrgyzstan, 2011 (Foreground, second from right) UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake meets with doctors and nurses at the Maternity House Hospital in the district of Kara-Suu. UNICEF supports maternal and newborn training for staff at the district hospital.

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