OneMinutesJr. Jordan Workshop: Day Five - It's a Wrap!

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Participants of the OneMinutesJr. workshop Amman.

Participants of the OneMinutesJr. workshop Amman.

It’s a wrap! The OneMinutesJr. Amman workshop wrapped up on the 5th day with a great final screening, but not before a lot of editing time.

The last day was spent editing all 17 films the kids had filmed over the last few days. Video artists, Taatske and Olivia, made rough cuts to all the films based on the storyboards from the shoots. Each participant sat with one of the two artists to finalize, edit, cut it down to one minute and choose titles and music (if necessary).

Friends and family gathered in the UNICEF conference room to view the premiere of the OneMinutesJr. Amman films. The crowd was boisterous and applauded happily at all the films. The participants were not surprised at the quality of their films, but they were very happy with the final product.

Next week, another workshop in Za’atari Refugee Camp begins…

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