OneMinutesJr. Jordan Workshop: Day Two

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On set: Raghad is glued to social media on her phone while her family eats dinner around her.

On set: Raghad is glued to social media on her phone while her family eats dinner around her.

The second day of the OneMinutesJr. workshop brought more talking and idea development. The participants of this workshop have a lot to say and were getting to the core of their ideas (the ones that really convey something personal still takes some time).

Many times we delve deeper with youth to share something very close to their hearts. Yesterday, the focus of one young woman’s story was trying to be perfect and fulfilling expectations. We asked her to think more about it from a personal angle. Today, she revealed that her father had passed away several years ago. She shared the personal story because the challenge to share more of a personal angle made her want to share this and make a film about her loss.

We still had more film information to share with the group. We explained the cameras and tripod, the importance of storyboarding and the different roles in a film crew. To get them active and create more ideas, the participants were split into small groups, given a camera and a one-minute in-camera exercise. The kids were very excited to finally get their hands on the cameras and came up with some creative film ideas.

By the end of the day a lot of the ideas have been developed and the soon-to-be-directors are tasked with storyboarding their videos. This is important so that we’re well-prepared when we finally start filming on the third day, since there are only 2 days to film 17 videos.

But we do have one video ready to shoot, since it will be done at night. 13-year-old Raghad has a problem: she can’t detach herself from social media. She’s on her phone from morning until night and often misses what is going on around her, especially with her family. She has 7 brothers and sisters and wants the 6 who live with her, including her parents, to be in her film. We go to her house, where we film her sitting at the dinner table, glued to the phone, while her warm and talkative family prepare and eat dinner around her. In the end, will she finally put her phone down?

The third day will be packed with filming...

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