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HIV/AIDS spread through sex and genetics, some we can't help like with genetics until our doctors figure out a way to remove it. But we can do something to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS with SELF-CONTROL. For example, in one scenario a girl is raped and gets this sexual disease, what they can do let's say to prevent that from ever actually happening is dress better, cover more and walk in groups or keep some sort of weapon like pepper spray to stop rapists. Another they can do in more relation to self-control is have no sex before marriage because having sex with many people are a high leading way for people to have this transmitted disease, too much sex causes genital problems which can deteriorate into even more serious issues. You won't wear a condom every time especially when it is a girl you love strongly and the passion is deep or boy. This way it is safer and more guaranteed and practices self-control and good moral conduct and modesty. Another thing people can do is always have a medical check up of them or their partner, or ask for their medical records or flat out ask them, you don't want to get it because you simply thought it was rude to ask because HIV?AIDS could last forever, one rude comment fades. All these solutions i stated for certain scenario can stop the spread of HIV/AID from those who have it or don't have it. So what if you have it through genetics? Unfortunately science has not come up with the answer yet, I only pray to God soon we do have the knowledge inshallah. What we can do is support our medical fields with donations where and persuade our government to put money into studying this epidemic so it can be removed one day at the genetic level, this won't happen over night but if we make en effort, or write a letter to our government perhaps it may come sooner than we think. If one person sends a letter then another, soon we will have scores upon scores of letters that the government will have to take notice! It is your job as a human to make this change I am starting by trying to get donations for others to donate to organizations to help stop HIV/AIDs. God Bless.

*Note: If you wish to assist me with a donation of at least 1 dollar, or something such as clothing or shoes, please in this quest contact me at Islamboi4@yahoo.com

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