Our complex phenomenon, what are we going to do?

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Climate change is the biggest environmental and humanitarian hazard/crises of our time. We need to take collective actions to ensure the adoption of cleaner energy sources at home and abroad.

Climate change is affecting our economy, health and communities in different ways. If actions are not taken, the result can be disastrous to life and the environment as a whole. Carbon dioxide and other global warming pollutants are collecting in the atmosphere on a daily basis, forming a thick covering and trapping the sun heat causing the planet to warm up. There is a great need to curb these emmissions and other air pollutants. Coal burning plants are the largest source of co2 pllution and so there is a need to enforce more serious laws requiring industries to cut down emissions, the use of modernized generators, and the use of cars that generate less emissions etc. Too many emmissions causes bad air, allergies, asthma, a lot of health hazards, and more heat waves. The challenge is to be sure this solutions are put into use. It is a complex phenomenon and it calls for concern.

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