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Today I attended the #outoftheboxadvocacy : Influencing change through creative communications and social media.

I've got to admit that I was a bit hesitant to attend any other events after yesterday's disappointing afternoon which focused on youth empowerment in Africa (with hardly a young person anywhere to be seen). Boy was I relieved when I walked into the room and low and behold, the room was completely full of young people! What a pleasure it was to sit down to an event on time and have it commence right then and there. The young people who were coordinating the event were beaming with excitement and it was apparent that everyone contained within the meeting space was passionate about what was possible for the future in the social media realm. I was able to witness two seperate case studies from two very interesting organizations that experimented with social media: the first was YSAFE (Youth Sexual Awareness for Europe) who shared their experiences on engaging young women in social spaces and also creating content that was sharable. YSAFE collected video interviews with young women and aggregated them to a seperate youtube channel. The best part about the presentation is that it was a true reflection from the presenter on the outcome of the campaign and what they could do better next time. This is what I loved most, they were already looking forward and focusing on how they could better this campaign for the next time around.

2nd up was the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS. The results from their campaign were quite positive with over 19 different countries represented in the contest. They focused on the idea of crowdsourcing creative content from users and then also allowing fans and followers to vote on their favorites. The concepts they implemented were directly in line with how I think and as such, was pleasantly pleased to learn from this case study and help shape my own future thoughts for contests.

This was the kind of event I was looking forward to. Young people sharing case studies, discussing what worked, discussing what didn't, being honest, being frank, being themselves, and recognizing how they could improve. Did I mention the event also started and ended on time!

If all events were similar to this one, I personally believe a lot more could be extracted out of the High Level Meeting side events for all involved.

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