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On March 2013, I officially launched my program ‘Zero Conflict’. It is a platform and type of organization. This program was aimed to make this world peaceful, united and prosperous. To bring peace, love and unity among people regardless of color, skin, and region they belong to, or what GOD they preach.

It is our world. We must know and realize that it is ours. We are first human beings and then everything else. Unless we think this world is ours and ourselves as human being first, peace is very hard to come by. Without our views and ideas, our destinations are inexplicable. Our thoughts are roads to what we think about. My road is: to be a human being first then Muslim and Pakistani. Basically my religion Islam what has taught me.

I set an aim to make this world peaceful and problem free. It is obvious that when there are problems on earth, peace will not come. Because when there are problems, they generate problems and disturb peace from any angle. Every problem even health and climate change I think can affect peace. To me peace is satisfaction and happiness of human beings. When human beings suffer problems and are unhappy then how can we expect they are living in peace? Employment, education, health, law and security problems directly affect human beings and clearly affect peace.

My Mission

I have a mission now to solve every problem affecting humanity. From terrorism to climate change I will make my best to help people. I will make people move forward towards peace. I will make people know their actual power of unity that can make us problem free. The power of love that can defeat terrorism. I will bring people to a point where all the religions intersect together. A point which every religion preaches. A point about everyone dreams. That point is not other than peace.

What we need today is just to stand in a single row of humanity and be united.We can solve every problem that exits in our societies.We are best creature in whole universe.

Join me here :

I hope you will join me and together we will move towards peace.

Thank You!

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