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There is no doubt in the importance of helping others. We can't expect to receive if we don't give, that is my motto and I like to believe that it's true. Nowadays everybody is for himself, they don't care about the others anymore; they criticizes, hate, laugh, try to change people instead to accept and help. But what they don't know is that we are here on this wonderful planet to help and love each other.

We need to stop and look of what we've done to this planet, because now more than ever it needs us. Needs us to be more grateful, kind, honest, peaceful and last but not least loving, for only with love we can change the world into a better place to live.

So let's think about these things for a few moments and let's change the world now together. Someone once said that ''If you change yourself, you have Already Started to Change the World.''

God bless you all.

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