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With current elections being far from fair and free, the many youths of Cambodia yearn for a better leader.

My concerns are for the many thousands of youths living in Cambodia wanting a better quality of life and ultimately a better future. This is far from being achieved as the current policy makers of the country are largely corrupted. Recent allegations have been made against the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) in regards to irregularities within the voting system run by National Election Committee (NEC also controlled by the ruling party).

Over the past few years, social media has played a significant role in the lives of many Cambodian youths- allowing them to discover things they hadn't before. These youths were blinded by media that was filtered by their government. Social media, such as Facebook has allowed Cambodian youths to fully understand the circumstances within their country. One of the many circumstances is the immense corruption within the Cambodian political system run by Prime Minister Hun Sen.The recent 2013 election conducted on the 28th July 2013 in Cambodia has shown to prove just this. Numerous accounts of evidence posted on Facebook by the citizens of Cambodia outline the many irregularities. Irregularities such as not allowing Cambodian citizens the right to vote, fraudulent, adding additional names on the voter list (some that have even been deceased), employing Vietnam citizens to come in and vote and much more. The results have been unclear, despite the NEC reassuring that the election was fair and free.

As a young person myself, I understand what it is like to come out of university and not have a job. Maybe not to the extent of these Cambodian youths and that's why I'm asking for help. A helping hand to help the young people of Cambodia to be able to obtain proper education, to be able to complete their educational studies in hope to find suitable employment. However, with the government system they have at the moment, these youths are going to suffer and it breaks my heart to see this happen. Young people have a right to a freedom of speech, a right to good education, a right to a good quality of life and definitely a right to vote for a leader who is going to lead them towards success not one where there is immense corruption. A leader such as Hun Sen is definitely not going to provide a pathway for a better future because millions of dollars are spent on god knows what, when he could be spending it on a better educational system whereby students come out with a stable job.

Please help rescue Cambodia. Please give them a future. Cambodia needs change. Cambodia needs a new leader. Cambodia needs H.E Sam Rainsy. Cambodia needs the UN. Please give Cambodia hope. Thank you.

From a concerned young person.

[Image source: Facebook page; I love Cambodia Hot News, 31st July 2013]

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