Poverty Should Not Define You

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There is no denying the fact that there is poverty in the world. It is an inevitable fact that people around the world must suffer because they have no money to sufficiently live on. Children in some places like Bangladesh have to go to work because they are the primary breadwinner in there family. Their parents don't even earn enough in order to maintain a family.

The simple solution is to not let poverty define us. We must not tell ourselves that because we are poor that we will not amount to anything. We have to develop a positive set of mind, then only can we raise from the ashes and into the light. We need to take action and we need to let our voice be heard.

One way of increasing our status in society is to seek education. A person with the resources that are necessary to succeed can achieve whatever they want. If we put children in the classroom, then we eliminate them from turning to working in factories. If we educate adults, then they can get a better job and their children don't have to work.

We must eliminate the negativity and implement only the positivity. If we believe, we will surely succeed.

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