Racial Discrimination in Senegal


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Racial discrimination consists of any distinction arising from a person’s origin or a person’s specific nationality, ethnic background or religion.

I belong to this great Peul community that has lived in Senegal for many years. Aboriginal populations routinely or occasionally call us NDRINGS. This nickname, which is a racist one, is getting more and more popular because the number of Peuls coming to Senegal is increasing. Each time I hear this word and the way it is pronounced I am deeply hurt and powerless, because the more you forbid people from giving you this name the more they do it and laugh at you.

Youth is one of the major drivers of a continent’s development and at this time when people talk about African unity we must go beyond these superiority ideals to promote panafricanism. I mentioned youth because it is at this level that the problem lies. Personally, I have managed to get the respect of my classmates by accepting myself as I am but also by proving to them that I can do amazing things and succeed like they can and even better. Senegal is a country of hospitality and peace. It must keep giving an example by rejecting this discrimination, because everybody is entitled to travel and live freely, wherever they want, as a result of our common humanity.

– 15-year-old from Senegal (male)

This entry is part of a series of essays and messages from the publication "Adolescence - Beyond the Stereotypes" - written, compiled and edited by adolescents and young people themselves with support from Voices of Youth and UNICEF.

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