Racism in the USA

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Our country has been racist since the beginning of time - that's what I think about racism in America and around the globe.

Anywhere you go these days you may encounter some type of racism. A person that you know may come to you and make a racial comment directly in your face and laugh. Then there are those who are racist indirectly and speak behind your back, but in front of your face they treat you like a friend. I'd rather have people say whatever they feel to my face then have those who are hypocrites and talk behind my back.

This year my children and I went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. We were getting ready to walk in this yard when we heard a man’s voice said, “you N (word) better not come in my yard”. I was in total shock, thinking to myself, this cannot be happening. It was best to walk away rather than to get into an altercation with someone I could not see because it was dark and I was with my children.

I don’t think that we will ever be free from racism and prejudices in this country but we can educate people, learn from one another, and try to learned about peoples’ cultures and ideas. We should be respecting each other regardless of race and ethnicity because we are all human.

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