Rape of Africa- series A


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Congo and Rwanda It’s a very known fact that the ‘heat of war’ are felt more by women and children, this group of people have found themselves both intentional and unintentionally the target of man-kind most destructive power plays. Women have been a target for the excesses displayed in jungle, Guerilla and urban warfare in this part of Africa over the years, the weapon-RAPE. Years after the genocide which claimed thousands of lives, Rwandan Hutu and Congolese rebels are still abusing women especially in the eastern part of Congo and in the month of July this year over 180 women were raped in one of the most violent sprees in so short a time frame.

Nigeria- The instances of rape In Nigeria has been somewhat concentrated in higher institutions and most recently the restive regions of the Niger-delta. In the former, higher institutions have seen and recorded a series of rapes by cult groups and rival gangs at war, both within and outside the walls of the institution, though this has been on the decrease largely due to the improved security in such areas it does not underscore the damages done to the victims. The Niger-delta scenario saw a fair share of the atrocities going to both militants who claim to be freedom fighters and to the Nigerian army who claim to be protecting the people, the raping of women carried out under the guise of defending the affected communities.

South Africa- South Africa may well be the African country with the highest amount of recorded rape incidences. The immediate reasons being plain hardened criminality and complete break down in societal values. It is long overdue for youths in whose hands the balance of the future depends should fold their hands and watch the continuous perpetuation of this atrocities.

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