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Ready, Willing and Able is a social documentary project started in February 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Story: At one difficult time of national history, Nepalese people are raising voices and action for a change. And youth is in the game, Ready Willing and Able.

RWA unite different youth organizations and volunteers in Nepal to direct a social documentary about the power of Youth as a Change Maker.

Ready, Willing and Able was born after a field study conducted in Nepal by Laure Gadrat and Sunil KC from February to July 2012. Through meetings with various Nepali associations, this research establishes a strong desire of youth to meet the daily challenges of Nepal's population and impact on the various manifestations of resistance to change.

Ready, Willing and Able is part of a local development project to promote youth involvement in Nepal. The project proposes to develop youth initiatives through an audiovisual creation to encourage, support and promote Nepalese youth in every area of volunteering (awareness campaigns, promotion of civic engagement, training and youth empowerment, ...) .

Team Ready, Willing and Able chose video as a means of communication and dissemination best suited to pay tribute to the youth of today. This support enables the practical dissemination of knowledge and best practices for teaching purposes.

The video documentary becomes a purpose for learning and personal fulfillment. It is an original way to promote speaking, the importance of listening and exchange between generations. RWA should allow the Nepalese youth to be identified as their own network and communicate its local and global demands.

After two years of work, the team RWA is editing the film. The release is planned by spring 2014.

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