Real Dreams: It is about Ability!

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Real Dreams: It is about Ability!

Dounia Project is an International not-for-profit organization working with disadvantaged youth in New York City, Morocco, and Brazil. We strive to utilize new media and communication technologies, video production and other similar tools to help students acquire 21st century skills that will enable them to become informed global and digital citizen.

Above all, we have as an ambition to teach them to instigate change in their communities, and put these skills at the service of those most in need. We believe that each and every young person has unique talents, and we aim to provide the right environment in which these talents can evolve for the benefit of all.

Our participants in Casablanca, Morocco are working on the theme of Youth with Disabilities and their Rights to Accessibility, so they have been in touch with hearing-impaired children from the National Association for the Deaf and Mute in Morocco (ANPS), and have been eager to lend a hand to the kids enrolled in this institution.

Two groups of Dounia Project Students in Morocco are competing for a UNICEF contest about Children & Youth with Disabilities:

The aim of these videos are to raise awareness about ability rather than focus on disabilities. In many regions of the world, people with special needs are still denied their basic rights. One of the them, the right to dream.... Here tackled by our talented participants: Mohamed, Imane, and Safa. A huge thank you to our partners the National Association for the protection of rights for the Deaf and the Mute for allowing their students to participate in these projects. We particularly would like to thank Khaled, who is an amazing and generous person for accepting to be filmed by his friends at DP Morocco. You're our Star!

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