Recycing : Our Responsibility


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The world is deteriorating every day right before us and many take no consideration about. Due to our never ending wants and needs we’ve exploited more and more of the environment without taking into consideration the consequences. Issues of the Green House effect which has led to Global warming has been going on for years now but in that we are still adamant that we need to change our ways of living for the sake of preserving our environment for future generations to inhabit safely. In making a lot of things we use like books, rubber bags , phones, laptops, cars etcetera many companies have devalued and depreciated our environment in the green house gases they emit into the atmosphere that has depreciated the ozone layer causing climate changes, Trees being chopped down bring about deforestation that also has a lot of consequences like Erosion and other. It now falls on us all to play our role in trying to keep the environment by encouraging and practicing Recycling as it rest on the government alone but on me and you. If you have non biodegradable waste like tin, iron and even papers we should do the right thing of putting them in recycling bins for recycling saving and preventing more destruction done to the environment. Develop the purchase behavior of patronizing and buying green products. Most of us are knowledgeable about environmental protection but that is not enough as we have to do the right thing in applying the knowledge we have to preserve our environment as the generations of our children depends on it. Remember!, it is your responsibility.

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