Respecting Children with Disabilities


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In many countries, people with disabilities have mostly marginalized conditions. The inferior groups commonly address and name children with disabilities so that they are not involved with having the resources and involved with decision making. They are discriminated and isolated by certain societies due to their disabilities. If children have disabilities, their companions will have disdain towards them and perhaps isolate them. Children with disabilities fall into giving up. Most of us are not respectful of them due to the abnormality of their lives. Furthermore, responses to children with disabilities are largely limited to institutionalization, abandonment or neglect. Although they are protected within their national rights, they always encounter different forms of exclusion. Some of the exclusions are affected by varying degrees depending on the type of disability they have.

Gender discrimination also occurs with children with disabilities. Girls with disabilities in many countries are also less likely to enlist in an education, receive vocational training or find employment compared to boys with disabilities or girls without disabilities. Children harbor a freedom to get everything like normal children without disabilities. The fairness to children should be given to them with the support of their families, disabled people’s organizations, parents’ associations and community groups. If they do have freedom, they are deprived of their rights for children with disabilities. Social protection and insurance for children with disabilities and their family are very important because these families often face a higher cost of living and lost opportunities to earn income. For instance, the additional costs given to children with disabilities ranges from 9 per cent in Vietnam to 11-69 per cent in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the rights to protect them should be implemented well so that there is no discrimination.

Inclusive health and education services have a critical role to play in building a solid foundation on which children with disabilities can build fulfilling lives. Inclusive health for children with disabilities includes immunization, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Inclusive education includes equal access to education in which they have the same degree and access to the highest level of schooling they want.

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