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Reverse Poems – Read the following poems going top to bottom, then read the lines from bottom to top Lacey S.

Reverse poem- eight millennium goals There is no way to achieve the eight millennium goals I do not believe that People can be peaceful and work together Why doesn’t everyone think Diseases like AIDS aren’t that important to get rid of It’s a lie that Children need to be educated I don’t understand why people don’t believe No one should be free Who would think that Everyone is created equal

Right #4- you can be free/ not a slave Slavery isn’t bad It’s a lie that Everyone is equal A fact is Some people are truly better than others What kind of person would you be if you thought “Slavery isn’t wrong” A dumb thing to say is “End slavery!”

Right #18- freedom of religion “people can choose whatever religion they want.” That isn’t true. It IS true that Other religions are stupid Why do people believe we CAN have any religion we want It’s a fact that “My religion is better than yours.” Why would you say We can all live in peace

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