Revolutionary change from the politics of death


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Once again our collective opinion on voice as a strong vehement Nigerian youth for a revolutionized nation cannot and will never be hidden nor intimidated to extinction. While the insurgents are maiming, killing, and kidnapping innocent Nigerians, the military that was supposed to be our strength as a nation has been compromised leading to the death of more officers than the Islamist groups themselves. The lives of Nigerians far north means nothing to political cabals but an instrument for the demonstration of party rivalry, politicization of traditional rularship by the federal and dissident individual. Recently in the mist of all this chaos that threatens the future of our children and grand children, governers are converging and holding meetings at PH over what should be their benefit and pay after their tenure of offices which is yet to elapse..

My fellow Nigerian youths, a wise man once said that it is better to be a lion in a jungle than continually remain a dog in your own city..this revolution for better change begins with your voice and mine.

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