Rising food prices mean trouble for the world


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Food is needed in order to live , as such we need to eat everyday to function. As all things in this world, food is scarce. Most of us buy food instead of making food ourselves. Not everyone can buy food, especially the poor. They either have to work really hard in a low paying job just to survive and the ones who cannot work or are still young may have to steal instead.

Food prices are increasing and the poor are not getting any richer. Around the world millions of people starve to death while people who have enough to eat often end up wasting food. As the population in the world increases, the food production should increase as well. The ever growing problem of food shortages around the world means that poor people are dying out of hunger as they cannot afford to buy food.

Poverty will always exist but at least we should make food prices affordable so they would not starve to death. Ever increasing food prices will cause a lot of problems to society as a whole if not keep in check as people may be forced to steal in order to survive...

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