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Photo Courtesy: The Guardian

Photo Courtesy: The Guardian

A movie about lemurs in Madagascar was recently made. I was astonished to find out from people overseas who share their interest for these cute primates. Indeed, an American primatologist does fight for the conservation of their habitat. Thus, I was wondering why Malagasy did not act the same way. The answer is that we have a terrible dilemma: should we protect the lemurs or should we give families a chance to live?

On one hand, Malagasy families live under the exploitation of forests where lemurs live. They also kill them for lunch. On the other hand, a major part of Madagascar's lemurs are an endemic species. So, if they were all killed, there would be no other place in the world where we can find them. Our offsprings do not have a chance to know about these amazing primates. Nevertheless, I choose to protect lemurs because humans can get along with these primates if they are willing to do so. Lemurs have no government, no laws, no institutions or organizations that protect them. Their future is in our hands. Malagasy people can survive by finding another source of revenue and food. There are so many alternatives for our survival.

Therefore, what can we, as young people, do for lemurs? You do not need to donate money. What you need to do is to donate a tiny second of your free time to share a message and show your interest. Use your favorite tool (social network) to raise awareness to your friends about the issues. The more we are concerned, the more Malagasy people understand their importance. Let us get together to fight for their natural habitat.

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