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With the growth in population, energy consumption has increased. We need to find better energy resources and alternative transport facilities like public transportation and use bicycles wherever possible. The change should come immediately from each one of us, day by day. The population is increasing and so is the pollution,
we can control the population only through education and awareness programmes.

We need to find a way out to reduce pollution and temperatures. The solution is to grow forests at faster rates. One of the solutions to help this is to use algae.

What is Algae?
A simple plant around us which grows in wet conditions in presence of sunlight.

They are a very large and diverse group of simple, typically autotrophic organisms, ranging from unicellular to multicellular forms, such as the giant kelps that grow to 65 meters in length. Most are photosynthetic and "simple" because they lack the many distinct cell and organ types found in land plants. - source Wikipedia

Algae Slider:
1) Algae is simple plant that can be grown easily.
2) Using a slider, we can grow the algae. The base of the slider can be a thin layer of any rock or a wood, which helps in the growth of the algae.
3) The slider can be fixed easily, it can be fixed to a wall, to the doors of a vehicle, or a container truck.

The entire setup acts like a small-mobile-forest. The higher number of sliders, the denser the forest we'll have.

1) Global warming can be reduced to an extent. We can reduce the temperature.
2) The algae slider has to be handled separately as algae waste. This waste serves as bio-mass fuel for algae based energy.
3) It could generate employment an opportunity as algae waste management needs to be done.

1) Growth of algae needs to be controlled.
2) Sliders should be placed with proper illumination

The concept of mobile foresting or overlapping areas is not limited to Algae.
Any plant which doesn't weight much and can be grown easily could be used.
If there is a possibility a hybrid plant that can have the qualities of algae and cactus could be used. The idea is to bring down the temperature more over this setup can purify the air as some plants does.

This is more of a research topic which needs suggestion and collaboration from an area of specialist, like a botanist, architect, automobile body builders and the climate control teams needs to work on these. This is a theoretical idea, but with the currently available technologies, these could be feasible.

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