Save The Forests

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Hi, My Name Is Saravady Ratha.

Over half of our world's Forests have disappeared over the last few years, disappearing with it are the animals that live there.

Over 90% of the chimpanzees in the world have gone, because we are cutting down the trees they live under and in.

Say if Elephants trampled our homes till there was nothing left what would happen to us???

Would we too go extinct??? Would we fight against each other like the chimpanzees? We might because we are primates too.

I wish we could come up with a way for all of us, either human or not, for us all to live in peace.

When i came aware of what was happening in the world, all the gas and garbage in the water, forests getting cut down I was shocked that nobody was doing anything about it. just letting the paper companys cut down miles and miles of forests. I thought we were here to protect what our earth gave us. Is there anything we can do to help? or is it to late?

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