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Last summer’s hot topic: South-Africa’s progress by the World Cup. Debates are taking place, conclusions are often already set. Of the investments for South-Africa’s World Cup is nothing left? Is this conclusion real? I hope to set out to meet with 26 young researchers who have taken the initiative and are going to take a look themselves in May of this year. From Johannesburg we will check what changed on the governmental, societal or development level. Are you curious what we will find? Follow me for update via: facebook page - #ScoreOrOffside, twitter -@ScoreOrOffside, or e-mail us on scoreoroffside@gmail.com See Blog for more.

The #ScoreOrOffside would however go ahead of just the world cup but to review other projects, ideas, solutions, policies, events, etc. so as to measure the impact and show ways of optimizing the punch-effect. This would be done via survey and interview of those (supposed to be) affected. Open forum would also breed discussion as well as suggestion as regards effective implementation. The media - TV | Radio | Online would be used to drive the #ScoreOrOffside project.

Some other project to be measured for impact includes: Challenge:Future Global Think Tank Organization, The AIESEC Nigeria Youth2Business Forum, The Future Project/Awards (Nigeria), The National Youth Service Scheme (Nigeria), The just concluded Elections (Nigeria), and Social Media trends in Nigeria.

So join Us as we measure impact and maximize punch-effect!

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