Seeing in The Darkness

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I am writing this post as I sit in a night train, on my way to another province in my country called Jogjakarta. I’m passing a city called Cirebon. So when this post is published, I will probably have arrived at Jogjakarta and perform my task there with my friends. You will read another story of my thoughts, or so you can say, a story from my heart.

It is so dark outside. It is about 9:45 p.m and every passenger in this train is busy with his or her own things, and some of them even have already slept. I’m trying to look at the scenery – if you could say that darkness with very little light is one part of the scenery – although it may be so hard to recognize where the location is.

This darkness makes me drown in my own thoughts. There are so many things that I question a lot. But looking at the view outside, this darkness makes me think about the more darkness. I think about; is this the same darkness that the children in Syria, or other conflict areas, have experienced? Is this the type of cold and mysterious night they feel? Is this how they feel insecure every time, they don’t have any idea what kind of danger that is waiting for them outside? Will that danger come by itself, fall unto them, between life and death? And deeper than that, has this darkness already possesed the heart of the children.. or even every person that has become the victim of those wars?

This cruel darkness- the sharp one, where the thieves start their mission, where the human-trafficking agents start to buy-and-sell, where the children are taken away from their parents... And the darkness... where the victims of bullying, the victims of violence, cry over their lives, crawl and search the light which they think they can find justice.

Then I see another kind of darkness, completed by a few soft lights, contained by some people – a family or a group of people in the neighborhood. They share their time as I see them crossing the road and hold hands. I see an orange light with a cup of coffee in their hands, and a little conversation, and the most important.. the presence of love. It's a traditional family, a traditional activity. I also ask myself; is this the kind of darkness that makes them hold on so long? Is this something they call hope?

Darkness. Many people avoid it, but sometimes you need to drown in it because there are some moments that only appear in the dark, both good and bad. Darkness somehow is the place where you can freely and silently reflect about your life, about this life, about the universe, about everything that you want.

But I hope all of us can get the warm darkness- the presence of love and togetherness. This is shown as the part of the little light of this life.

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