Selling the Treatments?.... YES.

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Pay for treatments, an evil act against those most affected by HIV: The poor.

Yes, in Honduras people with HIV, pay for antiretroviral treatments and viral load tests and CD4, which is a constraint to care access care. This topic has been playing for a long time, demanding that treatments should be free, but governments have turned a deaf ear to this complaint. In Honduras the poor are sustained of the bureaucracy and corruption that is increasingly outrageous.

About 70% of people with HIV are unemployed, despite this they have to pay between $10 and $40 dollars a month for his medication. Health officials argue that this "Recovery Fee" is voluntary, but in reality it is not, when people are not able to pay they receive humiliation and abuse by some social workers. In this situation many people have stopped attending care centers, the country reports nearly 25% drop to treatments, surely many of these are linked to the lack of money to pay for them. This ultimately led the deteriorating health of people, aggravating the family environment and in many cases death.

The problem is not just selling the medicines, it is also illegal, as in regulations of the health system, there is a document dating from 1990, in which the attention of STI care is provided for free. Now a new effort for the elimination of the fee recovery initiative FOROSIDA, Fundacion Llaves and other NGOs from the country have united to eliminating this a reality, the Forum has generated important legal arguments that determine without doubt that the recovery rate for ART, NEVER, must have existed.

This initiative is trying to be included in the preparation of IV PENSIDA to have a binding character for the health centers, as this document legally establishes the State address comprehensively to prevent and care for people affected by HIV or AIDS.

This is not only happening in Honduras but in different parts of the world. In Republica Domincana exist this same problem although public statements that President Danilo Medina stated was that the Government has taken major steps to ensure that all Dominicans have free and universal access to quality health care as an inalienable right.

People who live with HIV we must fight for the right to health is respected and does not obstruct anyone’s treatment and have a good adherence.

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