Should pastors be armed with rifles?


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Religion has and will always be an emotive subject to many Kenyans. The constitution guarantees freedom of worship, but some are taking advantage of the gullibility of thousands who flock to churches with faith in their hearts and hope in their eyes.

Kenyan pastors, especially in the coastal region, have been engulfed in war between rowdy youth who burn down churches leaving many men of God in cold blood. We have lost pastors in churches and crusades. One sad event that shook the hearts of many took place a few weeks ago. The late pastor Mathone's life came to an end one fateful Saturday when he was praying and preparing a sermon that was to be delivered the following day.

However, the big question many Kenyans and servants of God are asking is, "How many culprits who have taken innocent lives have been brought to book?" Evangelists and many of their kin are decrying the recent attacks in churches and now seek for more than Gods protection.

Brace yourselves for this! The frustrations, fear and endless attacks in churches have resulted to pastors demanding the Government to provide each church with AK47 rifles. Yes. You have read right. Am I the only person who still believes that God is our strength and shield? What happened to that bible verse that was deeply engraved in people's hearts,"With God everything is possible."

What are your thoughts on this? Should pastors be armed with rifles while they feed the people with the word of God?

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