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Many of us believe that we are doing the best we can for the society with the limited resources we have. But can resources ever be a limitation to the amount of work that we can do?

Siragu is a school in the rural areas of North Chennai and I wish to tell you about how I was inspired upon visiting them. They not only use innovative methods of teaching but also utilise their resourcs sustainably.

But apart from these, the most important point about the school is that all the students are children who are picked up from the streets while begging. The school is not funded by any formal means and is in a region that receives electricity for about 5-7 hours a day. Inspite of this, they have students who are in U.K and Ukraine studying medicine and engineering. They did not use their limited access to resources as an excuse for the development of their children.

They use teaching methods like icono writing and ceiling information and also train their students in a variety of other fields like arts and crafts, dance, music etc. I am in my 11th grade right now but I dare say that students of this school who are in their 10th or 9th are more knowledgable than me.

Their awareness about environmental issues is also exceptional and they use methods like window farming. They have started building walls by using used plastic bottles and filling it with an appropriate proportion of sand and clay. To light up a room, they use the innovative idea of using a plastic bottle and putting glue over it. Their chairs and tables are made up of old newspapers and cardboard pieces alone and they are strong enough to even support a 200 pound man!! Apart from this, they use a cycle connected to a dynamo to run the computers in their computer labs. On pedalling for an hour, we can use seven computers for one hour.

If Siragu is able to do so much inspite of having so little, we should be able to do atleast as much, given the resources and opportunities that we have. I have learnt a lot from the 500+ students studying there and I hope that many of you can take some inspiration from them as well.

The school's official site is this and they are a part of the Suyam Charitable Trust.

For information on how the school was set up and about the founders, please refer to my friend, Madhuvanti's post

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