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This is the poster for the program in Kampung Cerdas

This is the poster for the program in Kampung Cerdas

Education has become the most happening issue in our world. There are some problems that are brought in the field of education, both for the low-income society or middle-to-high income society. The problems also come both from the students and teachers. The inequality to get the same chance for having education, lack of teachers, schools that cannot afford for proper facilities... name it! There are still a lot of problems. However, we can infer that education does matter, wherever you live in.

But I want you to take a peek of a small residential area that can be a good example about the spirit to fight for education. As I read it in Kompas, they call it Kampung Cerdas (Smart Village), that is located in Koja, North Jakarta, Indonesia. There are 70 children and teenagers who study in elementary school, junior high, and senior high. In Indonesia, there is a community for local youth in a very small scope (just for as big as a group of houses) called Karang Taruna. This Karang Taruna makes an innovation of their program. They put teaching in their weekly program.

This village has 7-9 p.m from Monday to Thursday as the time to study, and it is compulsory. All of the students in Kampung Cerdas must follow this rule. In Wednesday, they gather in public hall to study together in several classes or groups. The teachers are no one but the Karang Taruna’s members itself. They even give some stationery like books, pens, pencils, and others to support the students. And this program has been done continually since 2012!

How’s the result? Not even a single student in Kampung Cerdas is fail in their school anymore. They pass their present grade and move forward to the higher grade, and they finally not afraid of going to school. They said that after following this program, they find it easier to understand the subjects.

As Dian Fath Risalah wrote at Kompas, the parents of those children also happy to see their kids have a very big willingness to study.

Actually, as I remember about what my teacher said when I was in elementary school, every small group of houses (called RT or Rukun Tetangga, consist of the houses that are located in the same street) has its own Karang Taruna. But as the time goes by, this small community is less likely to be found, nowadays. Well, it doesn’t always mean to be a Karang Taruna, but I think that would be a great movement if each small group makes a program like this. From this small movement, a big change will appear soon as it walks together in the same direction.

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