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How many of you guys who don’t know what hand phone is? I guess I can surely say that hand phone has become one of the important parts of our life, and even some us cannot afford to live without handphone. Nowadays, we are more likely not only talking about hand phone, but most of us already use smartphone. Many applications are offered in order to show us the easiness to do something, especially to communicate. Whatsapp, LINE, KakaoTalk, WeChat, iMessage – I’m sure we must have, at least, one of those applications in our phones. Or if we make it wider, your phone must be able to send short message service or SMS, because that’s one of the most important points of its existence.

The presence of smartphones (including chatting and social media applications inside them) makes us easier to communicate with someone. It is free (because most of them are free-applications, and all you need to actively use them is only internet connection) and it is fast. Some people view this as efficiency. I cannot say that that statement is wrong, but take a look at this fact.

Some kind of communications – with different kind of relationships also – somehow cannot work with indirect communication. Parents and children, lovers, and best friends are the examples of kind of relationships which cannot be successful if we only count on this indirect communication. Indirect communication is just the complementary methode of direct communication. Direct communication becomes very important in these intimate relationships because it shows the nonverbal aspect of the communication. We somehow can feel the affection and emotion directly through our eyes. We are emotionally connected.

What about emoticon? Emoticon is emotion in icon, which the objective is to help us show our emotion in text. However, you still cannot be able to see the real truth. Media can be used with manipulation – it is all up to the sender. So, it doesn’t really help us, and it doesn’t have enough qualification to replace the nonverbal aspect that we can see in direct communication.

The sad part of this condition is most of us (finally) feel more comfortable when we talk through media. In Indonesia, we know the sarcasm sentence of smartphones, “mendekatkan yang jauh, menjauhkan yang dekat” – or in English: taking the far one closer, and making the closest one far. This is what happens if we keep using the indirect communication only.

Again, I’m not saying that indirect communication is a really bad thing and we should stop using it, because somehow we cannot avoid the fact that smartphone is really useful for our life. What I want to emphasize is don’t forget that indirect communication is present to complete the direct one, so we also have to do direct communication to maintain our relationships with our closest.

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