Soccer Without Borders: Development and Peace in Nicaragua


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Photo Courtesy: Fútbol Sin Fronteras

Photo Courtesy: Fútbol Sin Fronteras

Soccer Without Borders (Fútbol Sin Fronteras) celebrated International Day of Sport. Soccer Without Borders uses soccer as a vehicle for positive change in the lives of young girls. They are located in Nicaragua, Uganda, and the U.S., but we received our first blog post from Nicaragua!

In Granada, Nicaragua, they focus specifically on providing more sport and educational opportunities to Nicaraguan girls. They combine practices, soccer games and activities that focus on the development of group spirit, community involvement, cultural exchange, and special community engagement activities.

Soccer Without Borders dedicated 2 events to the day. One was Fútbol3 (Soccer 3) which consisted of 3 parts: 2 discussion sessions and one game. The young athletes did not discuss their soccer strategies, but they reflected upon the role of peace. Maribel, a team member of the Mariposas Srs., reflects on one of the themes discussed during the sessions: peace. Maribel says peace to her “is to live a life of tranquility, harmony, respect, and unity. If there is no peace, there is no life. To live with peace is love.” The second event was a 5K with other young people around the town of Granada which was a day that “demonstrated the importance of team spirit and cooperation among team players,” Soccer Without Borders.

Motivational Moments from Soccer Without Borders Participants:

“I feel like such a motivational person, knowing how to communicate with other people and work in teams, we can achieve anything.” – Karla, Las Estrellas

“I was tired and I had fun. I'm really happy because it was my first time participating in a race, although it wasn't my first time feeling proud to be a participant.” – Keyseling, Mariposas Srs.

For the original blog post, read it here in Spanish.

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