Solutions of climate change?

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How important is the climate change for us? And avobe all, how we can combat this defiance? The people know how this social and environmental problem is changing the world and their lives.

Recently, in two social networks (facebook and twitter), I was share a question very important for the societies and it relation with climate change. Between the members of the informative community "Our Opportunity in Climate Change", I was share with all this question:

What do you think is the best solution to face the consequences of climate change?

And the possible answers were:

  1. Renewable energies
  2. Environmental education
  3. Sustainable economy

And we had as a result, the following:

15% of all --> Renewable energies 70% of all --> Environmental education 15% of all --> Sustainable economy

So, what tell us, these results?

First of all, the three solutions mentioned earlier, are viable for the correct management of the natural resources, always looking the local development and focused environment problems with the social needs for a better and successful strategy of adaptation of climate change.

With these results, we can see how the most votated, the environmental education, is the main solution to counteract the environmental problems in the world. In this case, if we can create environmental awareness and citizen, we can see positive changes in the relationship man - nature.

We can help our world by the environmental education! Talk to your friends, children, at school, at home about the environmental problems in your country, in your community.. And the most important: ACT NOW!

If you are interested in the climate change, you can follow the informative community "Our Opportunity in Climate Change" in facebook and twitter:

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