Spirituality and Soweto

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My soul scored & bitten on the oak tree of Egypt by its own kind. I feel the plate tectonic drifting upon the natural earth created to be the dwelling of all mankind. With seas of blood hovering upon my misfortune of what could have been.

KING OF MY OWN THOUGHTS but with a slay of the sword, my blood contributes to the volume of seas *in the fading image of that* in the exhalation of breath due to wait upon three days of restoration of what has been the unveiling of the tomb, which could be the re-evaluation of our lives. But all this is to pay on judgment day. In contrast, my spirit is in a bird's eye view to my body: from descending to ascending order. My body is in praise to the kingdoms of heaven. In *Island Blues sound* I wake up in an army battle against my body and soul in a price tag still not oblivious to me.

By: Mpilonde Mashele Manyike

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