Starvation: Human Rights


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I went to Africa, last year for Christmas and I went to the Maasai Tribe and saw over 40 little kids that were not starving but did not have the amount of nutrients they need to be the healthiest and strongest they could be. This still doesn’t seem right to me because I think every child should get the most they want. Even though they will not die from starvation, they should still get more food than they are getting now.

I want people to know about the starvation problems countries are having and the things families are having to go through just to get food they need. It doesn’t seem right to have little kids dying of starvation because their family cannot afford it. I hope more charities get to grow over the year and more money gets donated so the amount of kids dying per year gets down to zero.

A known fact is that 15 million children die every year from hunger, and every day 25,000 adults, and children die from starvation in hunger all across the world. I want everybody to know how bad these situations are. Even though these situations are not necessarily happening in your area they are happening across the world and even across the country, and you can always help. The Feed the Children association is a program that has a mission to provide hope and resources for those without life’s essentials. The company’s vision is to have no family or child go to bed hungry. This organization is one of the biggest in the world. They help in the United States and internationally. Feed the Children organization distributed over 104 million pounds of food to children in need all across the world. I hope this has brought to your attention the need for food and to stop starvation.

So remember those children that I saw in Africa, and I hope next time I get the chance to see new born babies and kids that have grown to the best of their ability.

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