Stop thinking and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


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We’ve all been talking about the social problems every nation is facing, from fighting for human rights, dying of hunger to child abuse etc; have we ever thought how could we help? We think at first we want to put an end to this but the question arises how? Well, there are many ways, but it’s not about how much or how greatly you have helped to make a change, it’s about your intentions! So if you really want to do something, go for it. Don't hesitate. Whether it’s the smallest deed you could do, each of it counts and it matters for someone.

            You don't need to arrange a charity show or whatsoever, feed a person a meal once a while, give some chocolates or snacks to those unprivileged children, take out your old note books and give to the ones who are probably more eager to learn, make a poster against littering stick it at school, work or in your neighborhood, Discourage bullying or discrimination if it’s happening where you are, visit the hospital or old home and just help them. Anything could be done, don't think what you did was not worth it because something is definitely better than nothing! Your ONE effort could make a BIG change. Maybe that one notebook you give would end up helping a child to graduate and support his family. Nothing is impossible, so Stop thinking and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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