Story of a Facebook Page: endviolence à l’école

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Voices of Youth Connect has allowed young people from all over the world to express their thoughts without any barriers. As members of associations, it has also allowed us from Morocco to work on subjects that are very dear to our hearts.

This time, we tackled a problem that has reached most learning places that are supposed to be where our children are safe: violence at school. Wether it is amongst students or violence between teachers and children; we have decided to voice their concerns.

Our mission: to create as much awareness as possible

Our means: by creating and feeding a Facebook page we called endviolence à l’école

We fixed a first objective of reaching 500 likes within the first week of our page’s creation, a challenge that we hope to reach by Sunday!

So to those of you reading these lines we ask you to LIKE and Share our page to allow the voices of those that are unheard to be heard:

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