Support Oslo Victims: Unite Against Racism!

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Anders Behring Breivik, 32, felt he had a lesson to teach by leading a rampage of terrorist attacks. A total of 76 young children and adult lives were taken as Breivik relentlessly proceeded with his massacre attempt. “The killer told police that his attacks were “atrocious but necessary” to save Norway and western Europe from cultural Marxism and Muslim domination. His motivations were expanded in a 1,516 page manifesto, packed with quotes from US-based anti-Muslim blogs.” So why must we suffer the consequences of a terrorist attack before the majority of the world realizes what is ethical and what it means to stand together for a cause? Let us continue to offer condolences and mourn the those who fell victim to the attacks in Oslo, Norway, but also realize that such trials in life allow us reciprocate humanity, as we stand united!

In my opinion, racism is one of the most intolerable evils which surrounds us today. Although there have been many advances made in the direction of total human equality, there is still too much hate in differences of opinion. The blogs which Brervik referred to are living proof that more progress towards rectifying racial misunderstandings and stereotypes has yet to be accomplished. The actual blogs and online resources are not to blame for proliferation of extremism; they are merely tools. I blame black- and-white thinking itself, and the people who indulge in it. There is a difference between having a difference of opinion, and allowing one-self to believe in pure hatred towards any one person or group of people. This extreme thinking can only be destructive, not to mention counter-productive.

There are organizations who are working to fight racism. Granted the concept of racism is complex, however, in my opinion, the answer should appear as naturally as having human compassion for those who suffer. By supporting these websites, there is hope that one day, there will be no online blogs for people like Brevik to refer to or better yet, people who think like Brevik will not even exist. To imagine living in such a world, where all people are respected equally is possible, we just need to come together in support of the idea, just how we have after this most recent tragic attack. Visit this link for a list of over 2000 anti-racist organizations:

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