Tanzania 1st International Model UN 2013 by YUNA TANZANIA


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The Tanzania International Model United Nations conference took place from 3rd April to 6th April 2013 in Pius Msekwa Hall, Parliamentary Building in Dodoma. The theme of the conference was, “Millennium Development Goals: envisioning social and economic development strategies post 2015”.

Organized by Youth of United Nations Associations Tanzania ,This simulated general assembly officially started on Thursday 4th April 2013. Trainers from various institutions such as Economic and Social Research Foundation, United Nations Development Programme as well as United Nations Volunteers had an opportunity to share with the youth the ongoing issues on the post 2015 millenium development goals. This further aided to develop critical thinking among the youth as they prepare towards the simulated general assembly.

The main focus of this conference was to hear out the youths as they present their views on the current millennium development goals as well as share their views on the post. The conference consisted of about 120 youths both local and international. These youth represented various races, ethnic groups, economic as well as social backgrounds which enabled to diversify the discussions and gave an opportunity to young people to have a forum where they could discuss various issues related to social and economic development. Youth had the opportunity to share their opinions on the world they want.



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