Teachers in School

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Each and every one of us never stopped learning ever since we were born. As we grow a little older, education is the number one priority to help us have a family, make a living and the cycle continues.

Our parents were our very first teachers. They taught us how to walk, eat, and communicate. When we started going to school, the teachers there were to guide us and teach us valuable knowledge that will greatly help us in life later on.

If we were to have teachers who are ignorant, arrogant and generally does not do well in his profession, our lives would be greatly affected. If an English teacher could not teach the children proper English, how would it be possible for them to start speaking good English and gradually improve?

Besides that, a teacher does not only teach their specific subjects but as well as moral values, ethics in life and as well as giving advices to students on daily problems and possible situations.

Teachers play a very important role in our lives and their teachings should always be remembered as well as the teachers. Without teachers and education, this world would be lifeless, undeveloped, and dying.

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