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Now I would like to tell you about how we can raise money for the ill! The ways are either invented by me, or taken from the experience of other countries.

1) Posters on streets, both with sad children (which can promote charity) and happy ones (the result we must achieve all over the world); 2) Selling different beautiful things (dresses, perfumes, books - the most popular, I mean) - all the money goes to the poorest, of course! 3) Charity cafes, like in Austria (the Billa has done a gat job, really!); 4) Food banks, where everyone can bring their own food for the lowest layers of society! (a reinvention of a British idea) ; 5) The Internet. We could create a global help portal for every serious disease on Earth! Or a special social network? Or use Facebook and Twitter? (however, most people prefer reading something entertaining!); 6) Make special awards for those who will strive and help the youth to live in peace! Not only for people, but also for bookshops, educational organizations!; 7) UNICEF should, in my opinion, recruit more young people to make the, happier, more affectionate and better sitizens of the world! May be a kind of UNICEF organization can be realized in every school in the world! (who knows?); 8) AND... My idea to change the world is to compose an international orchestral charity "HELP" hymn, which may become an official UNICEF song! The music must be so strong, that tears will come out and everyone's heart will bump, fill with blood and warmth! Unfortunately, I do not have the music, only the lyrics.

Here they are: See see see Those awful pictures  around you See see see There's less joy in the world See see see What a disaster may happen today  And that's all because of you, yay!  ^bold^ Refrain: It's a funny way To get the feeling out It's high time  To share the emotion now.   Ooohhh

Imagine - a child dying from cancer And now when you can't buy Marks and Soencer Imagine - people starving in Kongo Why are you waiting? Just set and go! 

Refrain again!

Remember - it depends now on you Whether the world should be a better place or not Don't stop or grumble - get moving Give them your heart and smiles a lot.  Please help! They're waiting for you this time Please help! Don't make them standby Please help! Never pass away Because of you Because of you they will feel safe!  Please help! They're waiting for you this time! Please help! Don't make them standby! Please help! Never pass away! Please help! Don't let them burn their life!  Please light your fire!

It is up to you whether to donate or not! Unfortunately, there are people, who steal these donations, like in Ukraine! I think we should imprison such people, because they have done bad to God, to mother, to child!

So many people. So many, that I want to cry. Drive! Energize! Galvanise! Your person are your deeds, remember that!

^italic^ If you do not raise your hand, one day, if you yourself need help, no one would answer back.

Chulpan Chamatova, a famous Russian actress ^italic^

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