The Conception of Beauty: Where Do You Stand?

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We have just celebrated The International Day of Girls. Instead of talking about girls, I want to make it wider, as this is also for woman, or girls in any age. Girls are usually identical with the word ‘beauty’. We will take a look for awhile “the kinds of beauty” in several places.

According to some websites, an ethnic group in Ethiopia believe that the more scars that a girl has in her body the better. The girls even often scratch their body in order to get the scars. In the Kayan ethnic group, the longer your neck (because of the used of necklace), the more beautiful you will be. In Mauritania, the big size of the body represents the beauty of the girls.

As we look at the most common concept of beauty, we will see that the look which we call as beautiful is actually constructed by the exposure from the media. You see some of the advertising, you will see that the example (or the result) of the “beauty product” is “that-girl”. Somehow, because the media show the pictures of ‘that-kind-of-girl’ and combine it with the word beauty, our mind will automatically think that is what we call a beautiful girl.

We cannot resist even though each country has their own idea of beauty, we see the beauty from the appearance. It is not wrong. I will not take this post to judge whether our concept is right or wrong, but I just want to make sure that we realize what kind of concept we use when we talk about beauty.

We also can see some beauty pageants; we can take a look for a while to the contestant. THAT is beauty. We, all of us that live separately around the world, agree that all of them are beautiful. So, what kind of conception do you use when you want to say that she is beautiful? Do you stick to the appearance? Or do you see the brainy as the beautiful one?

Whatever conception that you use, wherever your principal stands, I want to firmly state that I believe that every girl in this world is beautiful. Each of us has the light of beauty that maybe cannot be seen by all of the people, but the beauty is always there for those who can see, and seek for that kind of light. There are no girls in this world that are not beautiful. So, once again, where do you stand?


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