The Core Reason Behind All Crime

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In the middle of all the crime scene that is seen today, one sits and wonders why does it occur? More so, if one tries to figure what could be the possible reason behind all of these; one would come up with reasons like poverty, illiteracy, negligence, power and so on. But the core reason why crime of any nature exists is because of the ill-state of a married couple. Why? I would explain..

Criminals, or so we call them are born of some parents. They are naturally not born that way, with that intention to commit a crime. They either come to conclusions owing to all their personal circumstances or experiences or they are pulled in by another criminal. This could be further justified by looking around at the non-criminals. They do no indulge into crime either because they have some strength bestowed upon them by their parents or by whoever was their guardian and also because they have a conscience that tells them to do otherwise, anything but criminal.

For the criminals, they have been left to decide for themselves without any positive motivation or fear of being punished which solidifies their thoughts to concrete beliefs. They do so because they are not aware of a good world because they were never in it or were only superficially a part of it until they decided to go otherwise.

As mentioned earlier, no one is born as a criminal. It is only the treatment one receives from the society. Criminals do not feel any threat to their reputation as they do not have one. They are neglected or feel dissolute because of not getting what they thought was very important to them. It could be a partner or a love interest. Sometimes, it is just an entity that comes in between a criminal act and the criminal itself.

Looking at how to curb any sort of crime in the future one could easily infer that a strong base should be made via communication, love and support by others to each child so that they do not turn to criminal ways to find an identity somewhere.

Often parents develop misunderstanding and differences owing to expectations, weakness, lack of progress, disinterest and fear. This starts affecting their interest in the marriage and their children. Kids have a lot to ask and know which are ignored or are not falsely explained by their parents, which leads to incomplete information and faulty molding of a child's mind. All this comes to a standstill when they experience the 'real' world when they start learning on their own.

It is very traumatic and emotionally burdening to come across realities which were not anticipated instead were denied as true by your source of information, which mostly are the parents or the guardians. At this stage, a young adult forms his/ her own ideas and interpretations under the influence of fear and being left out. They try to hold on to someone who might show a helping hand to support their needs superficially. This may mean a lot to the young mind and hence, in spite of knowing the nature of the supporter and the ills that it may be bringing along with it, they go ahead with them as their own parents or guardians were no better or truer in their advice. There bears a seed to a crime.

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