The minority's paradox of poverty.


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Can you imagine a poor person or family being rich? Imagine this, there is a poor family that only manages to barely get by, however, they are a close knit family, they sleep on the same bed, share the same table and do nearly everything together. That is just one of the aspects of being rich that some rich families miss out on; family life.

Another example of this paradox would be in terms of spirituality. Coming from the Christian point of view, those in poverty seem to have more of a hunger and desire for God compared to the rich. They know that no matter their circumstances, they will always have Him and they do not fall as easily into the trap of making their possessions their God. They honestly believe in their faith for what their faith promotes; the Gospel. Blessings are good, but they are not a necessity. This is very much different from their richer counterparts, who more often than not, seem to view God as an add-on for their life, to grant them more, more and more.

This paradox is also one that not many realize unless they’re looking at it from an external point of view, this is because the world we live in focuses so much on materialism that it also warps everyone else’s beliefs to be like that. Those in poverty often take what they have for granted without them realizing it. It is also because of this that when they do break out of poverty, they seem to forget what really matters in life. So in some sense, when they become rich, they end up becoming poor again. This happens so often, the parents work so hard to provide for their families, so much so that when they are finally well off, work is all they know and the trade off of that would be their families. I have friends that said they wish their families were poorer because they are barely able to see their parents at home, let alone communicate with them.

As the title suggests, this is only for a minority. There are those in poverty hold resent towards the rich especially if an abuse in power has taken place, some just try not to pay any attention to it by resorting to alcohol, and there are those that refuse to do anything about it. In this minority group, that cherish what they have and constantly strive to be better, there lies another minority; the ones who never forgets their roots and always holds dear to them what really counts in life, their family, and God.

The questions I have for you now is how do you view being rich or poor? Are you rich or are you poor? I do hope I get my point across to you, we human beings are relational beings, once we lose that touch in us, no amount of money in the bank, number of houses, cars we drive or any amount of material success can ever fill that void.

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