The Perfect Weekend with "Storytelling"

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. Yuricho Billy ( a story teller, passionately telling a story to the children

. Yuricho Billy ( a story teller, passionately telling a story to the children

The weekend is the perfect time to spend the day with your family; having fun in the city park, playing football with your dad, shopping with your mom, taking music classes or cooking in the backyard. But, have you ever imagined about spending your weekend with Your family in the library? Surrounded by the books, old articles, sitting Together in the silence?

There are no such “silent” Things at “Crystal of Knowledge”, Central Library of Universitas Indonesia ( on Saturday, October 26th 2013. Many children playing around, laughing together, having lunch with their family and happily watching the show from the storyteller. Here is the “Festival Dongeng Indonesia 2013,” the storytelling show which is held to invite the families in Jabodetabek ( to come together to watch watch the storytelling presented by “Komunitas Ayo Dongeng Indonesia.” (

“Festival Dongeng Indonesia 2013” has some purposes; to educate, to give happiness, to inspire, to motivate and to develop imagination of the children. All those purposes are covered by one exciting event on the weekend which has taken place at the library. There are some reasons for why did the organizer chose the library.

One of the organizers said, “We just wanted to tell the people that spending your weekend at the library is a good idea, there are so many books that you can read and borrow, not only the old literatures or the thick books, but also the storybooks that absolutely will give the parents and children a beautiful time. Perhaps you would rather spend your weekend at the big mall as the source of entertainment. But actually, you can get more than entertainment in the library. We wanted to introduce about Education and Entertainment or “Edutaiment” to the parents and children. We wanted to emphasize that “This is what you and your children need to do on the weekend” and then, we are proudly presenting this event”.

The most exciting and beautiful part of this event is the “Storytelling” session. Yuricho Billy ( a story teller, passionately telling a story to the children who sitting happily around him. In telling the story, he always repeats “The Kindness” again and again in the simple language; “Remember, if you say the good things, people will be loving you”, “Do good and you will get better” or “Because an elephant kindly helps the frog, the Queen of Mangroova Land, give him many apples” and so on. That’s the point of storytelling; to educate the children about morality and values in the life, to give the happiness by making them laughing, to inspire the children by the good characters in the story, to motivate the children in doing the good deeds and to develop imagination of the children about the appearance of the characters or the time and place background of the story.

This event wasn’t just to give the parents and children a fun and beautiful time by going to the library and read storybooks, but also to inform the people who were involved you can create your own entertainment time for education. One thing that you should remember is, storytelling is a good way to teach children about morality and values in the life with your care and affection. So, it will be really good if you are willing to take a little time for telling the story to the children around you and having fun with them.

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