The Perks of Web Activism

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With the rise of social media and online communities, the tech savvy young are continually penetrating into various different channels as they ardently voice their opinions and rally for change. This is one of the advantages of today’s technological advancement that is applicable not only limited to youths but also the older generations. With the privileges at hand, Indonesia was capable of being part of an online global social activist movement called, allowing individuals to sign and create petitions for the greater cause of communities from home and around the world. Indonesia is proud enough to have established a legitimate branch that first stood in January 2011. Although the website is still in beta-test mode, the first three months were the pin points to the site’s popularity and success, gaining nearly 50,000 members and hundreds of online petitions posted.

The numbers were greatly influenced by the many online influencers and artists that were also joining the movement and signing for the petitions that have been created. The advantage of this is that local news becomes a nation-wide concern, considering that members are spread from all across the country. Also, online media becomes a prominent conduit of the petitions and the website itself where people actively participate and seek out the website in order to get involved directly to a certain petition. According to, a lot of’s members are not newcomers to offline activism where the campaign director names Usman Hamid is a human rights expert and a former director of the National Comission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence or shortened as Kontras in Indonesia. Another member named Arief Aziz, who is positioned as communications director, co-founded TEDxJakarta.

I really think that the digital age has allowed individuals to do so many things for a greater cause. When utilized properly, websites like are born. They are not just created in order to rally the youth masses or create an online buzz, but they are undoubtedly impactful where the petitions that were at hand have influenced businesses, politics and even environmental issues. It is up to us to begin the change and we are more than lucky to have experienced the digital era. The more youths rally to show their concerns and effort for change, the more reasons there are to say that indeed the digital era is more than just their many flaws.

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