The Role of Indonesian Youth against Creative Industry in Facing the ASEAN Economic Community 2015

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Not only a great impact on revenue, job creation, and the value of exports, the creative economy is also important towards contributing to the welfare and sustainable development. It constitutes the result of a recent study of UNESCO and UNDP. About 16 years later, the term creative industries became a warm conversation in the realm of economics in Indonesia. It also indicates that Indonesia has missed more than 16 years in the development of creative industries. Some policy breakthroughs made by the stakeholders to make it happen. Then, the creative industry has also been awarded a grant to produce creative products and services that are highly competitive.

Observations that have been made stating that there are more than 62.6 million young people in Indonesia, has the potential to experience a shift in the ethical values ​​and the fading of national and state awareness of the cultural values ​​of the people who end up being the weak independence of the nation. Whereas the number of Indonesian youth is very abundant and great in the potential towards the development of this nation forward. Creative souls who support the creative industries trip it was in the hands of the youth. It is a challenge when Indonesian youth have to struggle with other ASEAN youth who are certainly more competent and excel in competition at the time of the embodiment of the ASEAN Economic Community 2015.

The creative economy sector contributed a total of 9,109,129.4 641,815.4 billion of billion dollars. With the percentage reaches 7.05%, the creative economy is ranked seventh of 10 sectors of the economy. The Indonesian economy is still dependent on manufacturing, agriculture, livestock, forestry and fisheries. It should be realized as an advancing economic sector. Economic actors must support sustainable development.

Therefore, developing creative industries is the right step in addressing the above challenges. Unfortunately, there are problems that are still twisted, such as less creative maturation of the economic infrastructure and systems that do not support the formation of qualified human resources. Therefore, the development of creative industries should be encouraged by the strengthening of the six pillars of the creative economy and collaborated with the triple helix system; cooperation among the intellectuals, businessmen and government. Secondly it is expected to be a major driver of creative young people who want to realize the idea of ​​the basis of science and technology for the growth of the creative industries.

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