The United Nations is our United Nations !

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Today is the United Nations Nations Day. I decided to celebrate it by writing this article.

‘WE THE POEPLES OF THE UNITED NATIONS’, this first expression from the UN Charter highlights the raison d’être of the United Nations. Indeed, the UN is surely created by the nation-states but it is rooted in the people’s dreams. That means: a) UN works for the peoples and b) it is people who can make it effective.

Today any government can manage in a solitary way the world challenges. To affront global issues, we need a global organization, a "centre for harmonizing the actions of nations" (Article 1, UN Charter). The UN stills the only one that can play that vital role. UN is devoted to build a better world. This organization has impacts on our daily-living even if most of the time we ignore these impacts.

The criticisms of UN mainly focus on peace and security aspects (political part) of the Organization. Maybe that is why the proposed reforms also focus on Security Council, responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security. But many people forget that UN missions are not only maintaining peace and security and its organs are not limited to the Security Council! The UN is a global institution with global goals. The UN intervenes in all aspects our life.

The UN is not a perfect organization, of course! But it an essential organization! All actors (state actors and non-state actors) should give the Organization the power and the means to act for a better world because the UN is our UN!

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