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Student and teacher are two eyes of education. From antiquity, it is the student-teacher relationship which is transforming from generation to generation.

Student centered education is the view of present educational system. The student is the ultimate end for all goals and strategies for building productive human resources. The classroom is the miniature of society which is building hopes of parent’s and aspirations of the nation. For this purpose we need to use appropriate methods in a progressive perspective while strengthening current learning approaches with intense educational research.

It is accepted that our subcontinent requires high quality and productive human resources. The creation of efficient human resources is only possible in the classroom. Teachers are the leading factor in the classroom that needs to build generations of future citizens. Teachers need many competencies to fulfill these things i.e., content competencies, pedagogy competencies (skills, knowledge, capabilities etc.). Acquiring competencies is only possible through enormous strategies with utmost self-regulation and social-cognition. Educational colleges have to make students and teachers to be acquainted skills, knowledge and attitude which are the critical components to get teaching competencies. Are these things really indulged in the present curriculum of teacher education in order to give humane and professional teachers to society?

But today educational systems are differentiated with disparities. Education is divided into elite and downtrodden educational systems. Today's education is a thing of dreams - it is unreachable to poor thus there is a need to do research on forgotten children education and empowerment and rejuvenate social pedagogy in wide scenario.

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