The World is NOT All About Humans

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This morning I just found out that the tiger smugglers in Indonesia only have to spend time 2 years in jail and pay around $ 340. And last week, I found out that the Javan Rhino is EXTINCT.

Have you thought about this lately? That humans are far more demanding than they used to be? They start to think that they rule the world, and so, they can do anything they want. But now, we have more and more animals extinct. For nothing. For the sake of elegance, they kill animals. Just so they can get their skins and horns.

And what can I do? Nothing. I'm just a student. But I wish I could do more. I will be against you who still think that it's OKAY to kill endangered animals instead of breeding them. We keep on repeating the same mistakes our former generations did. They hunted and killed, and some animals are extinct already. Now do you want to be like them?

Now I never get to see a Javan Rhino. And I have never seen a tiger, too. I'm sure many of us still want to see them ALIVE, not in dead figures or just in pictures.

Please, think about the future, not your money. What about the other animals? If they are all extinct, what are we? A bunch of killers, inhumane people, and we still think that we are humans?

Wake up, this is a brand new day, the right time to make a change for our own's sake. What we've done to the poor animals shows that we are not humans at all. Please, stop this madness. Think about the future.

By Amanda Inez ( (twitter: @mandainez)

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