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Mr. Bahrul Fuad, S.Psi, M.A. go to this link for more information

Mr. Bahrul Fuad, S.Psi, M.A. go to this link for more information

“The society creating and labelling the people with special needs by calling them ‘disabled people’” Bahrul Fuad, S. Psi, M.A.

Mr. Bahrul Fuad, was a speaker for “Seminar Social Art Display” presented by student of Department Communication at University of Indonesia, this seminar tries to increase the awareness from society about people with disability. Accompanied by his friend Mr. Adi, the Head of Research Center for Child Protection at University of Indonesia, they were trying to teach the participants and let them feel “What I’m going to see if I was blind? What I’m going to hear if I was deaf? And what I’m going to do if I was lame?”. If we feel how to be the people with special needs, we will know exactly what they feel and what they want from the society.

In his wheelchair, Mr. Bahrul Fuad, clearly explained to the participants that actually, a person with special needs are those who have physical, mental, intellectual limitations or sensory impairments in the long time. In interacting with the environment and society, they often find it difficult barriers to participating fully and effectively based on equal rights.

Mr. Bahrul Fuad said, that a person becomes disabled not only because of a physical or a mental limitation. It’s more because, the environment and society "unfriendly" towards the people with special needs. The term "unfriendly" means, that the people still consider that someone with special needs is different from the others. For example, there are some companies which not willing to accept people with disabilities to work in their company, or communities who often think twice to decide whether they will marry with people with special needs or not. That’s why, the people with disabilities feel knocked out from their environment.

Mr. Adi as the Head of Research Center for Child Protection in University of Indonesia explained, there are several ways you can do to eliminate the gap between the rights owned by normal people with people who have special needs:

1.Creating a physical environment which is accessible to persons with disabilities.

2. Providing access to education, health and economic which is well suited to the needs of people with disabilities

3. Provide information and communication services which are accessible to persons with disabilities.

4. Realizing people's behavior to be friendly to people with disabilities by understanding how to interact with someone with special needs. However, this does not mean feeling sorry for them.

Because he thought, when the barrier is removed, people with disabilities are able to participate optimally and effectively in society. Furthermore, it is time for us as youth and community to create the awareness within yourself to learn how to interact and communicate to those with special needs. By learning how to interact with them, indirectly we can create comfortable conditions for people with special needs

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